17 Nov 2015
by Liz Naithani
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How to translate “Impressum” – Free template!

This legal notice is required by German law – but how is it translated correctly?

Is your business based in Germany and you’re struggling with how to translate the heading “Impressum” for the English version of your website? You're not alone.

15 Sep 2015
by Liz Naithani
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Is "one billion" equivalent to "eine Billion"?

These words look and sound similar, but differ in meaning.

07 Aug 2015
by Liz Naithani
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Ball park figure

Though this is a culture-specific idiom (USA, baseball), it is today well-known, particularly in the business world.

13 Jul 2015
by Liz Naithani
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Use of the Oxford Comma

"I called my superiors, Sally and Mike." Now who exactly did the speaker call? Sally and Mike, as well as the superiors? Or are Sally and Mike in fact the speaker’s superiors? By using an Oxford comma in this sentence, one could clarify that one means the former.

08 Feb 2015
by Liz Naithani
(comments: 13)

Writing Numbers – Periods or Commas?

When writing numbers, commas and points are used as separators both in German and English; they are, however, placed differently.

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